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rRB Michelle & Nathan’s Melbourne Wedding

I had the great pleasure of shooting a wedding a few weeks back — my first since I’ve moved to Melbourne, actually! I didn’t realise how much I took Adelaide’s sunny weather for granted until a week out of RB & Nathan’s wedding when I was checking the weather every day crossing my fingers for sunshine. Luckily the bridal party got ready at the beautiful Windsor Hotel so I was pretty confident that we’d be able to get some amazing interior shots even if the clouds rolled in.

I’ve walked past the Windsor a million times since I moved here, but this was my first time inside. It’s one of the oldest hotels in the city, and it was full of rich colours and warm leather…so much fun to shoot in. I highly recommend it. Both bridal parties got ready here, but everyone was coordinated to make sure the bride and groom didn’t accidentally bump into each other! The closest they got was posing on either side of this pillar so they could hold hands, but not see each other.

The bride is a nurse and I actually met her at the hospital when I was having blood taken. I’ve been a needlephobic for as long as I can remember, but lately I have to have blood tests every three months so I’m slowly coming to grips with the idea. RB was so sweet and patient my first time, even when I was so scared I was about an inch away from leaping out of the chair and tearing out of the hospital altogether. (Who am I kidding…this is me literally every single time.)

Although the pressure is on…bad photos and my next jab might be more vicious than usual!!

I’ve been psyched about these photos ever since, because I knew she’d be a dream to photograph. Weddings are always fun to shoot because literally nobody looks bad on their wedding day, but some brides are next-level.  Look at her serving this amazing face game:


Hope you guys are having a ball on your honeymoon and eating some amazing food!! It was truly a pleasure being a part of your wedding.


No place like home

I’m back on home turf (Melbourne) after a quick trip to Adelaide for a lovely wedding! Also had a chance to spend some time with my family…my niece & nephew are getting so big and more adorable each time I see them. Tye is at a really sweet age where he is starting to talk, and it’s so cute. Now he’s learned, “Ouch! Help!” when his big sister mauls him with cuddles, haha. I deliberately didn’t try to take photos this trip because I wanted to concentrate on really spending time with everyone…sometimes I find myself focusing too much on getting a perfect shot and later feel like I missed out on have fun. Of course, now I’m back and thinking how fast they’re growing up and regretting not getting more photos.

Sorry for any delays in emails — I’m back in the swing of things today so watch your inbox:)


Farewell to Summer

Winter is almost upon us here in Melbourne, but I came across these photos from a beach trip we took a while back and even though I’m a cold-weather person through and through, these sun-soaked pictures made me smile. (I hate the heat when it’s happening, but I do look back fondly afterward.)

I’m in love with the colouring in this shots, too. I’m going through a pastel phase both in my clothing and home! I know it’s going into colder weather, but I sort of figure if I keep the colours muted and ‘chilly’ I can carry it through, maybe? I’m going for a ‘breezy winter day at the beach’ kind of vibe…

Bias aside, I do have hands-down the cutest nieces on the planet.

(I told her, “You have THE BEST BEACH HAIR, kiddo,” and she nonchalantly replied, “I know.”)

I should note that literally my entire family are all summer lovers…I’ve been trying to convince my dad to take a trip to northern Japan since forever, but he loathes being cold and no amount of persuading will convince him. I think a lot of Australians are like that because our clothing is so unsuited to really chilly weather, to be honest! Once you learn how to dress properly for the snow, it’s not a big deal at all…the problem is Australian coats are designed for our mild winters and don’t hold up in northern hemisphere winters. After spending a few winters overseas, I’ve accumulated a decent collection of jackets and layers — bring it on, winter!


Adelaide Summer family portraits

I’ve photographed these girls since they were wee little bubs, and they started school this year! Just writing that makes me feel old, yikes. They also have a new baby brother!! Mum claims Baby A is the happiest baby on earth and having met him…yup, I’m inclined to agree. He gave us some big gummy smiles too!

(I showed this photo to my little niece and she exclaimed, “OH MY GOSH IT’S ARIAL THE LITTLE MERMAID!!”)

Special guest appearance from their older cousin, who was both a lovely kid AND a delight to photograph. Kids at this age are just so nice…old enough that you can have a great conversation with them, but haven’t hit the age of teenage dramas. All my nieces and nephews are 6 and under, so it’s a fun change for me to spend time with slightly older kids. IMO the next generation is coming along nicely! With a bit of luck they may even skip over this gross trend of self-obsession and selfies and social media…or is that wishful thinking? (Yes, I am aware how much of a sad old whinger that makes me sound!)


Newborn portraits – meet Baby C

A few weeks ago I spent a week in Adelaide to hang out with my best friend while she was getting ready for her baby to arrive. (I was overseas for her second little boy, and I was determined not to miss this one too!!)

This little guy is the youngest of three boys! I’m really excited to see what kind of personality he’s going to grow into, because his two big brothers are both very cool kids. I can also say from experience that both his parents are super smart in very different ways, and their older boys are both (a little too) bright, so chances are pretty good that this one is going to be a smartiepants too. Right now he’s busy just being cute and squishy, though:)