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Adelaide Summer family portraits

I’ve photographed these girls since they were wee little bubs, and they started school this year! Just writing that makes me feel old, yikes. They also have a new baby brother!! Mum claims Baby A is the happiest baby on earth and having met him…yup, I’m inclined to agree. He gave us some big gummy smiles too!

(I showed this photo to my little niece and she exclaimed, “OH MY GOSH IT’S ARIAL THE LITTLE MERMAID!!”)

Special guest appearance from their older cousin, who was both a lovely kid AND a delight to photograph. Kids at this age are just so nice…old enough that you can have a great conversation with them, but haven’t hit the age of teenage dramas. All my nieces and nephews are 6 and under, so it’s a fun change for me to spend time with slightly older kids. IMO the next generation is coming along nicely! With a bit of luck they may even skip over this gross trend of self-obsession and selfies and social media…or is that wishful thinking? (Yes, I am aware how much of a sad old whinger that makes me sound!)


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