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Even though I’m the first person to scoff at Apple’s “revolutionary” ideas (like putting a flash on a camera — great idea Steve, too bad it took you FIVE YEARS to implement something that should be standard) I have to admit that I love my iphone. It’s an average phone, but the apps make it perfect for me. And strangely enough, one of the things I love most about it is the shoddy little 2-megapixel camera! It’s so imperfect that somehow, it’s perfect. Normally I’m a little picky about my photos. OK, maybe a LOT picky. But with my phone I can ignore all that stuff and somehow I find it really liberating.

Little snapshots of my life. Going to a gig; enjoying the sunlight at lunch; our engagement party! Taking trips, friends and family, everything from the little things I do every day like walking to the bus, to things that are new and exciting like travelling.

These little everyday things are suddenly a bit more significant, because I won’t be doing them much for a while..why? Because in two weeks from now I’ll be on a plane headed to Japan!! Mark and I are going to live there for a year while I teach English. It’s been a dream of mine to live in Japan for years, and even though I’m also nervous as all hell, I’m SO EXCITED!! And even more excited that I get to have this adventure with my amazing fiancee by my side.

And even though I’ll have all new everyday things to snapshot (and yes, I’ll be getting an iphone while I’m over there because I’m pathetic and can’t survive without it for a year) I like to look back on this sort of thing. It’s good to appreciate the little things in life, don’t you think?

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