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It stated with my quest for a double bed. Many Japanese, especially out here in the sticks, prefer futons to beds — but it’s still very common for couples to sleep on two separate futons. I do love futons, but after my mukade encounter, I could see definite advantages to being off the ground!

On my first day at school, I mentioned that I would be looking for a new bed since the semi-double that came with my apartment is literally being held up by the wall on one side, and a very thick novel acting as a temporary bed leg. (And being very desperate for a physical book to read, believe me, I would like to get my hands on that book!) All the teachers struggled and did the “ka naaaaaa…” thing that Japanese people do when they are either thinking very hard, or politely disguising the fact that they think your idea is stupid. However, the adorable and amazing Okamoto-sensei — who does not teach English but speaks it very well — popped up with her calendar and offered to take me to a store in Kamojima that might sell double beds!

As it turns out she was doing me a super SUPER huge favour, because she drove 30 minutes west to pick me up, 40 minutes back east to go to Kamojima, and then it turned out the shop was closed. Damn random rest days!

We ended up driving all the way east to Tokushima City — only 48 kms away from where I live, but thanks to the 50km/h speed limit it takes quite a while to get there. Once we were there we (eventually) found the NITORI STORE. Nitori is basically a slightly smaller version of Ikea and you know how much I love Ikea! I was like a kid in a candy store, racing from curtains to bed covers and back again to compare colours. Poor patient Okamoto-sensei…she deserves something AMAZING to say thankyou for putting up with me that day.

Not only did I find a bed (being delivered on the 28th) but also indulged in some other stuff too. New sheets! New bed covers! New pillows! Oh the excitement.

One of the things I was most excited about was finally replacing the ratty, moth-eaten BROWN curtains that were ruining my view from the kitchen window.

I wanted things that were bright and cheerful. My apartment is finally starting to look a bit more like MY apartment 🙂

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