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This week seemed really long, and yet when I woke up on Friday I was utterly convinced it was only Wednesday and shocked to discover it was really the last day of the week. I guess my time moves a bit differently right now, since I’m still getting used to a new routine and living alone…the days seem to blend together.

Still, being able to talk to everyone on Skype is so great. Compared to the Americans and Claire the Great British, I feel a bit spoiled that I can come home after work and turn Skype on and find everyone online thanks to the minimal time difference. If I wanted I could spend all my evenings just chatting away and get nothing done at all!

I took these of my neice just before I left so I would have some recent (for a while, anyway) photos to remember her…but she’s growing so fast that they won’t be up to date for long. Can’t wait until you visit, guys ♥

I especially miss the deafening, ear-piercing squeals of joy accompanied by that nose scrunch 🙂

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