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No place like home

I’m back on home turf (Melbourne) after a quick trip to Adelaide for a lovely wedding! Also had a chance to spendView full post »

Farewell to Summer

Winter is almost upon us here in Melbourne, but I came across these photos from a beach trip we took a while back andView full post »

Awa Odori, yattosa!

I had a ridiculously busy weekend, but it was also a really incredible weekend. After spending 2 days at English camp,View full post »

Redecorating with Nitori

It stated with my quest for a double bed. Many Japanese, especially out here in the sticks, prefer futons to beds —View full post »

Big fat rain

Last night it BUCKETED DOWN. I drove back from the next town (my third visit to Softbank but not my last) and theView full post »

Welcome back to Junior High

Today was my first day at work/school – Sadamitsu Junior Highschool. Much to my horror, they called a schoolView full post »

2-Megapixel Love (and news)

Even though I’m the first person to scoff at Apple’s “revolutionary” ideas (like putting a flashView full post »

I Love Hipstamatic

My poor old Nokia 6500 has been dying lately. It had a pretty good innings, but you know how phones mysteriously startView full post »

Hello, I’m not dead

(I just feel like it.) I am slowly recovering from either the worst gastro I have ever had, or the worst food poisoningView full post »


We arrived in Singapore last night. I’ve been a few years ago and my first thought was the same as it was then:View full post »

Summer, again

It’s that time of year again. Time to pack away the big heavy quilt, the blankets, yank down the blinds to keepView full post »

In Pursuit of Happiness

For the past 10 years, I’ve been involved in a big research project that started in 1998, when I was around YearView full post »

Special Patrol/The Whitlams @ The Gov

It seems like it’s a trendy thing for bands to play whole albums during live shows now, but as long as they’View full post »

Mikako’s Farewell

Mikako went back to Japan on Sunday, which was a great excuse for an awesome party! I’ve left the moreView full post »

Okonomiyaki and a Surprise Birthday

I had a few friends over last night for a first attempt at making okonomiyaki. For a dish that is basically 90% cabbageView full post »

Future heartbreakers of Melbourne // baby portraits

Last weekend Craig and Julia were in town, so I had a very nice relaxing weekend hanging out with my family. How cute isView full post »

Quarter of a century

It seems like just yesterday that I turned 21 and my parents mortified me by requesting “Jessie’s Girl” at myView full post »

Goals are important

I have a dream. Just a little one. I’d like to think it wouldn’t be that hard to fulfill. So here goes. I&#View full post »