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Farewell to Summer

Winter is almost upon us here in Melbourne, but I came across these photos from a beach trip we took a while back and even though I’m a cold-weather person through and through, these sun-soaked pictures made me smile. (I hate the heat when it’s happening, but I do look back fondly afterward.)

I’m in love with the colouring in this shots, too. I’m going through a pastel phase both in my clothing and home! I know it’s going into colder weather, but I sort of figure if I keep the colours muted and ‘chilly’ I can carry it through, maybe? I’m going for a ‘breezy winter day at the beach’ kind of vibe…

Bias aside, I do have hands-down the cutest nieces on the planet.

(I told her, “You have THE BEST BEACH HAIR, kiddo,” and she nonchalantly replied, “I know.”)

I should note that literally my entire family are all summer lovers…I’ve been trying to convince my dad to take a trip to northern Japan since forever, but he loathes being cold and no amount of persuading will convince him. I think a lot of Australians are like that because our clothing is so unsuited to really chilly weather, to be honest! Once you learn how to dress properly for the snow, it’s not a big deal at all…the problem is Australian coats are designed for our mild winters and don’t hold up in northern hemisphere winters. After spending a few winters overseas, I’ve accumulated a decent collection of jackets and layers — bring it on, winter!


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