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Jo & Aedan // Wedding

I’m a tiny bit behind on my blogging, but I wanna share this wedding!! I met Jo and Aedan through a mutual friend and loved Jo right away – she is one of those awesome people who is just so genuine and amazing. (No need to fake it when you’re already naturally awesome, I guess!) Once I met Aedan, I could see straight away what a perfect match they were! I love their quirky sense of humour and laid-back style, and I had a really fun day hanging out with their bridal party too.

I started the day off with the guys getting ready. Being guys, of course they literally took about 10 minutes to jump into their outfits and do their hair, which meant I had plenty of time to shoot some fun portraits. Once we got Blue Steel out of the way they were great models!

Soooo…the house where the guys were getting ready had a trampoline in the backyard! LOVED IT.

Jo had teased me by telling me she didn’t have the traditional white dress, but refused to tell me what it was. By the time I got to the girls’ house my first questions as soon as I stepped inside was, “WHAT COLOUR?!!” Haha! How cool does it look?

Two beautiful bridesmaids…

And of course, the beautiful bride.

The ceremony was originally planned to be outside, but the weather kept threatening to turn nasty so eventually there was an executive decision to move it inside. The overcast day was perfect for photos in the morning, though.

Father of the Bride escorting his daughter down the aisle…I love the look on his face. He was so proud.

The ceremony was so perfect for Jo and Aedan! When I asked what song they were going to walk down the aisle to, Jo just laughed and wouldn’t tell me…turns out it was Run to Paradise. The whole room started giggling! There is something so real and lovely about this relationship – they are truly best friends as well as partners. There’s absolutely nothing pretentious or fake about them.

I almost lost it when Aedan started to recite his vows:

Jo, you’re simply the best.
You’re better than all the rest.
You’re better than anyone.
Anyone I’ve ever met.
I’m stuck on your heart,
I hang on every word you say.
Tear us apart -
baby, I’d rather be dead.

Presenting Mr and Mrs Siebert!

The sun came out just in time for portraits after the ceremony – even though we had to drag the poor bridesmaids out into the cold,  I think it was definitely worth it;)

I love this one. The story behind is the girls were FREEZING and huddling together for warmth, but the photo is just so cute.

Congratulations guys, you are best friends and a fabulous couple and I feel very lucky to have shared the day with you. Even if I did drive off and desert you before the reception when I was supposed to give you a ride…no hard feelings, right? RIGHT?! ;D

Mini - October 27, 2009 - 6:53 pm

I LOVE the trampoline photos! what a great idea! :)

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