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No place like home

I’m back on home turf (Melbourne) after a quick trip to Adelaide for a lovely wedding! Also had a chance to spend some time with my family…my niece & nephew are getting so big and more adorable each time I see them. Tye is at a really sweet age where he is starting to talk, and it’s so cute. Now he’s learned, “Ouch! Help!” when his big sister mauls him with cuddles, haha. I deliberately didn’t try to take photos this trip because I wanted to concentrate on really spending time with everyone…sometimes I find myself focusing too much on getting a perfect shot and later feel like I missed out on have fun. Of course, now I’m back and thinking how fast they’re growing up and regretting not getting more photos.

Sorry for any delays in emails — I’m back in the swing of things today so watch your inbox:)


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