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Russell and Yuko’s Ceremony // Wedding

This weekend I had the very great pleasure of attending my cousin’s wedding with my almost-sister Yuko – a joy which was equalled only by the pleasure of taking photos with my new 5D!

I have an assignment due this Friday so I’m trying to be tough on myself and finish that before I spend too much time editing, but I here are some shots from the ceremony.

At the start of the wedding, we all found out that they’d secretly gotten married back in February to get a start on Yuko’s spouse visa. Who would have thought my loudmouthed cuz could keep a secret so long?! Wonders will never cease.

Halfway through Yuko’s vows, she got a little choked up…

The next two photos are some of my favourites of the day – Russell and his parents. I actually lived with my aunt and uncle for almost a year while I was at uni and I’m so glad I did, because I’m much closer to them because of it and I feel very lucky to be an extended part of such an amazing family.

I still can’t believe I shot these photos at 3200 ISO!! I’d used the 5D for real estate photography before, but never really pushed it in a ‘real’ situation like this. Even though the 5d mkII was announced the day after I bought it, I definitely don’t regret it at all. (And I’m so excited to be taking it to Japan!)

More photos to come…once I’ve made some headway on my assignment. Funny how quickly the novelty of study and assignments wears off, huh…


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