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Photo sessions for children or families can take place anywhere you like, and usually take around 1-3 hours depending on your child.  Pricing starts from $100 per child, and includes around 30-50 high quality digital files, presented in a deluxe leather CD album.


What to wear

  • Avoid clothes with pictures or large logos. That Wiggles shirt might be a wardrobe staple for now, but in ten years time it will make your photos look dated. Plain clothes will give you timeless photos.
  • Do bring at least one change of clothes. Kids are kids — drool, food, dirt and grass stains goes with the territory! Bringing a spare set will not only save me photoshopping out marks, but it will also give you a broader range of photos to choose from.
  • Simple colour palettes like denim and white are classic and timeless, and easy to match if you have more than one child. But don’t be afraid to throw some bolder colours into the mix! Pops of bright colour set off pink cheeks and sparkling eyes.
  • Don’t be afraid to bring along interesting props, they make the session interesting for younger kids and can look great in photos.
  • The same rules about pictures or logos applies to props — whenever possible go for simple patterns and colours rather than Dora the Explorer. (No offense, Dora. Hola.)
  • Surprise your child with a cupcake or brightly coloured lollipop. They look adorable! Just remember to keep it a secret and pull it out later in the session unless you want sticky hands, faces and clothes in your photographs.
  • When it comes to toys and props…general rule of thumb is don’t bring it unless you’re happy for it to be photographed, especially if your child is young. Trying to pry unwanted things out of little hands in the middle of a session is a recipe for tantrums.
  • Other cute ideas for props are brightly coloured pinwheels, ribbons, balloons, flowers, feathers and hats.

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