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Maternity & Newborn

Hello, future parents.

I get it — you’re very pregnant. Your feet are swollen, navigating through doorways sometimes requires a risk assessment, and your jeans haven’t buttoned in what seems like a million years. But you know what? This will pass, and you’ll forget it. You’ll forget what it’s like to be carrying your little one inside you, sharing a life for 9 months.

I know a lot of parents might think of pregnancy as something to get over with, but I really encourage you to celebrate it. This is a crazy journey, and as exhausted as you may be now, it’s great to look back on it. Never forget the excitement of the first kicks, the anticipation as your stomach gets bigger and you get closer and closer to meeting this new little person you’re dying to know.

Maternity portraits are tasteful and timeless celebration of these 9 months.






Newborn Portraits

The best time to take newborn portraits is within the first 21 days, when they are at their squishiest and sleepiest. Sessions usually take between 1-3 hours, depending on how the new bub is feeling.

Ideally, sessions will begin while your baby is awake — it can be hard to pin down a routine at such a young age, but try and schedule the beginning of the session for a time when your little one tends to be awake. Don’t worry if he’s screaming or sleeping soundly when I arrive. We’ll take as long as needed, so there’s no rush.This is the time to capture the new bond between parents and baby…and, if are lucky, some ‘eyes open’ moments.

When bubs is ready, it’s feeding time. When your baby is full of milk and extra sleepy and poseable, we will get the classic portraits.






Older Newborns

After the first 3 or 4 weeks, your baby will be more alert and less likely to cooperate with routine interruptions and the posing that newborn session require. If you miss this window, we can still do baby portraits but you may want to consider waiting until about 4 months (or when he or she starts to gain neck strength and gets used to ‘tummy time’).



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