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Weekend at the shack

Just when I thought Summer was on its way out…I should have known better than to get my hopes up! I spent the weekend trying to stay cool at my cousins’ shack, paddling around in the river with my family.

Even though these particular cousins have always been my closest family, it’s only in the last few years that I’ve really started to spend a lot of time with them. Being an only child, having that kind of family feeling is still kind of a novel concept for me, and I really get a kick out of that whole family bonding thing that a lot of people probably take for granted.

Anyway, I still didn’t learn to waterski this time…it just doesn’t have enough appeal for me to risk going out there and embarrassing myself by half drowning trying to learn…but I did spend a little time on the boat taking photos!

My cuz is getting pretty good, I’ve gotta admit. He went out for one particularly good ski late in the afternoon and the light was just brilliant!

Despite what these photos imply, Menzel is actually a decent wakeboarder. I just find the stack shots more interesting:D

My Aunt Jacki…her ability to avoid/foil photos is legendary, but the 70-200 makes life easier. Anyway, I like a challenge!


A typical Melbourne day in Sydney

Menzel and I spent a nice relaxing weekend in Sydney a few days ago. Unfortunately for us, Sydney seemed to be borrowing from Melbourne’s typical overcast weather…

On our last day, though, Summer returned with a vengeance…my jeans were already grimy and gross feeling from being permanently wet, only to be made even more disgusting by being sweaty after a day of hiking around town in 40-degree heat! I really couldn’t be bothered going back to take pictures of the Harbour Bridge etc in sunshine, either. (The weather turned hot literally the day after my cousin’s wedding, outside in the pouring rain…but I’ll post wedding photos a bit later when I’ve had more time to process.)


Kids are more interesting than houses, anyway

One of the best things about my job is that occasionally I get lucky and meet really lovely people. This happened today, when I went up to do a photoshoot about half an hour out of town. The vendors were this sweet couple who were looking after their two grandkids for the day, and before long I had two helpers following me around the house while I took the photos!

Silly faces make the best photos!
The kids were so adorable, I couldn’t resist taking a few shots of them before I finished up. (Taking people pictures is SO much more fun than real estate!) I’m going to send some copies to the vendors to say thanks for being so nice…when you deal with people so often you really appreciate the good ones all the more.