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Melbourne family portraits in the Carlton Gardens

My backlog of photos to post is so ridiculous I’d have to do a #throwbackthursday for the rest of my life to catch up, but here’s a start! Some family portraits in the Carlton Gardens on a lovely Autumn day. Can I just say, after living in Melbourne for almost a year now (it’s our 12-month anniversary any day now!) I am still thrilled about the weather. THRILLED. That’s not sarcasm; the summers are comparatively mild and the winters are cozy. I do miss snow, though.



Sam & Lucia’s Wedding – Adelaide Wedding Photography

About a fortnight ago, I flew back to Adelaide from Toronto to photograph Lucia & Sam’s wedding! I gotta confess…while I was sitting in the plane contemplating the 23 hours of travel ahead of me, I did have a “what was I thinking?!” moment. Ha! But as soon as I got into the rhythm of the day, I was so glad I did. These two were such a beautiful, down-to-earth couple and it was a real joy to be able to capture their wedding day.

Lucia was one of the calmest brides I’ve ever met. Shooting a wedding is always a fast-paced day and it can get pretty hectic, so I’m usually pretty wired myself, but even I felt myself chilling out watching her get ready.

Talk about a smile that lights up the room!

The ceremony took place at the beautiful St Ignatius Catholic Church in Norwood, and it really is a beautiful venue…a lot lighter and airier than many churches, it manages to feel formal yet welcoming.

One of my favourite parts is watching the bride and groom as they first catch sight of each other – both Lucia and Sam’s lit up when they saw each other! A wedding ceremony can be a very emotional (and for some, a little nervewracking) but you can almost see couples get a little moral boost when they realise they’ll be doing it together:-)


We went to the south parklands for some more relaxed portraits before the wedding reception. Adelaide REALLY came through with some beautiful weather, and we are so lucky to have a lot of beautiful places to shoot in so close to the city! For me, the lovely lush gardens and mild weather especially went down treat after a month of chilly Toronto winter;-)

Effortlessly stunning…after the parklands we dropped in to one of my favourite shooting locations, the Forest of Dreams square on Pulteney St. It gets such lovely afternoon light, and there are quite a few different locations within the one square, so it’s a great option for bridal shots if the reception is close by.

Sam…I promised I’d get a shot of your handiwork in the form of that bow! Very professional! It was a pleasure to photograph your wedding, guys, and I hope you are relaxing into matrimonial bliss as you read this:-)

Samuel - April 5, 2012 - 10:05 am

Awesome red bow!!

Done well Jessie

Three is the magic number // Adelaide Family Photographer

This shoot is reeeeeallly late coming up here…I shot these back in, what…January?! Just before we left for Canada. I am so so glad I got to do it, though…this was extra close to my heart because I photographed Peta & Matt’s wedding about two years ago! I was so excited to hear that they had a new family member on the way a few months back and it was great to meet little R for the first time!

Even though she didn’t have much of a nap before this session, she was a total sweetheart and gave lots of big smiles:

“My First Sherrin”…the perfect toy for a little girl whose Daddy is a footy umpire!

I love capturing moments with babies and Dads. I know I’m probably genetically wired to find it really touching, but I just love watching tough guys go all soft and tender with their little ones. I can’t imagine what life was like back in the days when fathers weren’t ‘involved’ with raising their kids and missed out on all this.

PS. I’m in Toronto now!! More details to come when I have some spare time…right now we’re flat out apartment hunting and looking for work. Plus our internet here has a ridiculously slow upload speed, so a proper update with photos etc will have to wait until we get settled in a little more.


Saturday in the Park — Adelaide Family Photographer

This session was weeks in the making…first there was a split lip days before we’d planned to meet… then we experienced my uncanny ability to cause rain by scheduling a shoot…but finally I got to meet these two giggly little boys! We spent the afternoon in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens.  They were seriously fun to photograph…always in a good mood throughout the whole shoot, even when A got so hungry I couldn’t get a single frame without him stuffing his face with handfuls of leaves.

Yep, that is a tasty nut A managed to sneak into his mouth there…he looks pretty happy with it!

Their parents picked out perfect outfits for this shoot, I loved them — bright pops of colour for the start of the shoot, then they changed into these matching duds. They’re so classic and timeless aren’t they? When you see these photos in black and white they could just about be from any era.

This was just about my last shoot in Australia — we leave for Canada next week!! We’re spending a week exploring northern Japan, then it’s on to our new home in Toronto! I can’t wait to escape this summer heat and bust out my boots and scarves again:DI was pretty bad about blogging our year living in Japan last year, but I promise to be more diligent about documenting Canada. (Can’t make any promises to limit my “eh” jokes, however!)